Let us help you discover your perfect cup of coffee

Who We Are
The team at Café Infinity is made up of a bunch of coffee fanatics. We have all worked in the coffee industry for a lot of years. We have done it all. Some of us have roots in the specialty coffee world, working at cutting-edge coffee shops. A bunch of us have worked for larger coffee roasters and on some of the most iconic coffee brands in the world. What we all have in common is we love coffee and we know a whole lot about it. Coffee runs through our blood.

Our Mission
We want to take you on a journey. You may love coffee, but we want to help you discover coffee flavors that you never knew existed. Creating a great coffee is not rocket science. Choose the best single-origin coffees from around the world, each with their own flavor characteristic, and then roast them to perfection. Okay, we’re simplifying it but when you’ve been doing it as long as we have it is somewhat second nature.

While we all love the unique flavors of single-origin coffees, what really turns us on are coffee blends. This is where you mix various origins and roast colors at different percentages to create unique flavors with a range of complexities that aren’t available in nature. You may have heard that coffee is part art and part science. This is the art part. This is the knowledge of the master blenders at the best coffee roasters. At Café Infinity, we want to pull back the curtains and let you in on the secrets of the coffee industry. Any coffee roaster that tells you they have a coffee that is right for you is lying. They don’t know you. Only you know you. Let us help guide you to discover your perfect cup of coffee.

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