Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Coffee

Sometimes our favorite things are based on what we know is available to us. CD’s were great…until streaming came along. Your current favorite coffee is probably the best choice from the options that are available to you. But what if you could enjoy a cup of coffee that wasn’t one of the options offered to everyone but was specifically designed for your individual taste preferences? Sound better?

“A new specialty coffee company, Café
Infinity, was created to change the way
you experience coffee. You may love
coffee, but Café Infinity wants to help
you discover coffee flavors that you
never knew existed.”

Over 90% of coffee consumed are blends, which are comprised of a mixture of two or more single origin coffees. When high quality single origin coffees are blended, they can create new and wonderful flavors. Just as a chef combines a wide range of different flavors and ingredients to prepare a delicious meal, blending single origin coffees with various characteristics creates a medley of new flavors and aromas. Blending different coffees heightens desirable attributes and creates flavor complexity that is not available in any one single origin.

“All coffee blends that are currently available
were developed by coffee roasters. Whether
you purchase your coffee from a small
independent coffee shop or a large
international brand, your coffee blend was
created by someone whose sole mission is to
develop a coffee flavor profile that appeals to
the most people at the most efficient cost.”

Unlike the chef that can refine a recipe based on an individual’s personal pallet, it is impossible for coffee roasters to personalize a blend based on a single person’s taste preferences.

The team at Café Infinity is helping empower consumers to enjoy coffee that is created specifically for them and by them. Café Infinity provides all the tools necessary for consumers to discover new coffee flavors and have fun developing unique coffee blends. With Café Infinity, you can start crafting your own blends immediately, with no prior coffee knowledge. It’s a fast, easy, and fun way for all coffee drinkers to gain more control over their coffee experience.

The Café Infinity collection of products includes over 25 gourmet single-origin coffee varieties (the “ingredients” for coffee blends). The assortment ranges from Central and South American classics to exotic offerings from smaller estates in Africa. All coffees are available separately in individual three-ounce packs, making it easy to start discovering a variety of new blending possibilities. Blending and storage accessories as well as brewing devices are also available.

The free Café Infinity app helps pull back the curtain and let you in on the secrets of the coffee industry. It allows users to become their own master coffee blender at the touch of a button and explore a new world of flavor beyond what you can purchase from a coffee roaster. Take control and create your own coffee blends that are personalized to your own unique taste preferences and limited by nothing but your imagination.

There are an infinite number of coffee flavors in the world but only a limited number available for most people to enjoy. Say goodbye to your current coffee, Café Infinity is empowering you to experience all that coffee has to offer.

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