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Discover a world of flavor delivered straight to your door. Café Infinity has searched the world seeking the highest quality single origin coffees with the most unique flavor profiles. The Café Infinity collection of products includes over 25 gourmet single-origin coffee varieties. The assortment ranges from Central and South American classics to exotic offerings from smaller estates in Africa. These coffees can be purchased individually in 3oz vacuum sealed bags or in a variety pack that includes 12 varieties packed in an elegant gift box.

Over 50 countries in the world grow coffee, each with distinctive flavor profiles. When coffee is sourced from a single country of origin and not blended with coffee from another country it is called single origin coffee.

“The intrinsic quality of single origin coffee is influenced by the climate, topography, and soil composition within each country.”

This explains why the coffee from Colombia typically has different flavors than a coffee from Brazil. Single origin coffee flavors are further impacted by factors such as processing and roasting techniques. From a dark roasted Sumatra coffee with its full-bodied earthy flavor to the floral acidity and chocolate overtones of a medium roasted Guatemalan coffee, high quality single origin coffees provide unique and sometimes extraordinary flavors.

The Café Infinity collection offers a rare opportunity to experience the vast differences in flavor of coffees from around the world…the chocolate notes from a Tanzania coffee, the crisp citrus flavor of coffee from Papua New Guinea, the sweetness of a Guatemalan coffee. Wake up to a new coffee each day or impress your guests at your next gathering and offer a flight of coffees for the perfect ending to the perfect meal. Your world tour in just a click away!

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